Dogs Are Easy


Just as no two dogs are the same, neither are Shawn’s lessons. Varying family lifestyle, breed, temperment, and surroundings all contribute to how your dog can be trained. Shawn will work with you to create a unique program tailored to your dog’s needs. Contact us today to begin creating your dogs training schedule.

Just for you
After evaluating your situation in your home Shawn will create a clear structure for you and your dog to be successful within. You bring the questions and issues and Shawn will give you answers and solutions. All training issues and needs will be covered to ensure achievement of your desired goals using the proper training tools and methods for your situation. Bring a pad and paper because once the information starts to flow you may want to take notes.

Problem Solving
Shawn works with severe behavioral issues as well as basic problem solving. Areas covered include all forms of anxiety, house training, leash control, biting, jumping, lunging, food/object possession, dog on dog aggression, and more. Contact us to address your specific needs.

Puppy and Dog Selection
Let Shawn help you select a breed that is appropriate for you and your family’s lifestyle. Whether you are considering the selection of a purebred dog or a shelter/rescue mix, we can assist you in the selection process by addressing potential areas where the match can mesh and where there may be conflict.

Puppy Development
Training for the family can begin the day you decide to bring a new furry bundle of joy into your home. Teaching you as well as your new puppy how to act by incorporating proper responses to everyday situations will make puppy ownership a joy!

Areas covered include house and crate training, confidence building, proper diet for food and rewards, toy selection and proper play methods which can be used to create fun training sessions as well as play, what to do and what not to do, and puppy problem solving.

Private and family sessions in your home
Training in the home has the greatest effect on your dog’s behavior at home. Whether your home is in NYC or a quiet couldesac in the suburbs Shawn will teach you and your dog in a comfortable learning environment with little distraction. Shawn’s ability to incorporate all members of the family will provide more consistency for your dog. When desired results are achieved in the home a fieldtrip will put you and your dog in high distraction areas to support diversity of environments in your training.

Aggression Management
Shawn will provide you with safe handling and effective training/behavioral methods and most importantly...the truth.

Aggression has many sources that must all be looked at and taken into consideration. Finding the source and addressing the issues rather than making excuses will help to manage and possibly even stop certain types of aggression.

Shawn uses a step-wise program to evaluate, modify behavior and leash train aggressive dogs with an end goal of stability under high stress situations.

Boarding Training
Boarding Training will be considered for current clients in certain situations. We can provide you with referrals for boarding training as well.

Protection Training and Service dogs
If you have a specific need for a protection trained dog contact us and Shawn will consult you on the best choice for your needs while maintaining the highest level of discretion to ensure your privacy. There are allot of people taking money for dogs that may fail when needed most. Spend the time and consult with us first. Having many contacts within the law enforcement community and private security contractors ensures more than one source rather than a one size fits all approach when it comes to selection.

Please check in for available puppies as well as trained dogs available to select homes.