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Professional Dog Training by Shawn Stewart

There's nothing better than the bond you share with your dog. Here at DogsAreEasy, Master Dog Trainer, Shawn Stewart, celebrates this bond and works to strengthen it through professional dog training. His mission is to maximize the quality of life for both dogs and the families they live with. Shawn aims to change the way people interact with their dogs, as opposed to simply changing the way a dog responds to training. Dog owners rely on him for an honest assessment of their pet, whether they're bringing home a new puppy, taking in a rescue dog, or dealing with existing behavioral issues. Shawn has the expertise, methods, and skills to work with your beloved dog, whether you're the proud owner of a small puppy or a full-grown canine. Call or email today; Shawn will respond in 24 to 48 hours! 

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Since 1996, Shawn Stewart has been training dogs throughout Bergen County, Rockland County, and the Upper West Side. The people of these communities have depended on him for over 15 years to effectively and expertly train dogs of all breeds—small and large, young and old. He also has extensive experience training police dogs. Shawn is passionate about the work he does—a fact that is evident with every 'sit,' 'down,' and 'free' command he gives. Dog training is so much more than a hobby to him; it's a full-time career and a chosen life path.

Shawn is a US military police veteran who has served in the operations Provide Refuge (1999), Noble Eagle (2001), and Enduring Freedom (2003). Take a minute to learn more about Shawn's background and training.

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Bergen County, New Jersey; Rockland County, New York; New York City's Upper West Side
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