About DogsAreEasy

Learn more about DogsAreEasy and founder, Shawn Stewart.


Shawn is often presented with the question "what method do you use?" The answer to this question is a formulation based on the dog's behavior, the owners' or families' capabilities, and the desired result. While there are many dog trainers, very few of them stray from their comfort zone or preset ideas—Shawn chooses methods based on results. One day, Shawn may use classical conditioning using food and clickers to recreate a 'Pavlov's dogs' scenario. Other days, he may employ operant conditioning using an E-touch electronic collar to prevent a dog from going through a front window. The options are endless! The method he chooses depends on your specific dog and circumstances.


A Love of Canines

There are few areas of the dog world where Shawn hasn't been involved. He has demonstrated his methodical training program and dog behavior expertise in dog homes across the Tri-State area. Additionally, he has worked closely with animal shelters, breed rescue groups, and homeland defense canine units. He has even starred on screen as himself or working with his dog, Arah. His screen credits include the movie "Fur" starring Nicole Kidman, HQTV's new reality show "Leader of the Pack," the show "Maury," and TLC's "American Chopper."

A Unique Training Background

Shawn has been working with dogs in various capacities for over 15 years. To enhance his training services, he incorporates elements from all his different experiences. Shawn conducts behavior seminars and keeps up-to-date with the latest behavioral methods to add to his extensive training background. He's known for working with families to create a balance in the dog-human relationship, with the dog's understanding being at the forefront of the learning process. Check out Shawn's full background and training history.

Training history