Dog Training Services

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Just as no two dogs are the same, neither are Shawn's lessons. He uses an impressive variety of methods, depending on what will produce the best results for his clients. Shawn understands that family lifestyle, breed, temperament, and surroundings can all significantly impact your dog's behavior and approach to training. Depend on him to work with you to create a program uniquely tailored to your dog's personality and needs. Contact Shawn today to learn more about our dog training services and to start planning your pup's training schedule.

Just For You

After evaluating your home situation, Shawn will create a clear structure within which you and your dog can be successful. You bring the questions and issues, and Shawn will provide the answers and solutions. All training needs will be covered to ensure that you and your dog achieve your desired goals using the proper tools and methods. Bring a pad and paper—once the information starts to flow, you may want to take notes!

Problem Solving

Shawn works with severe behavioral issues as well as basic problem solving. Areas covered include:

  • All Forms of Anxiety
  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Leash Control
  • Biting
  • Jumping
  • Food/Object Possession
  • Dog-on-Dog Aggression
  • Lunging
  • And More

Puppy & Dog Selection

Let Shawn help you select a breed that is appropriate for you and your family's lifestyle. Whether you are considering a purebred dog or a shelter/rescue mix, he can assist you in the selection process by addressing any potential issues that will cause you to mesh or conflict with the dog.

Puppy Development

Training for the family can begin the day you decide to bring a new furry bundle of joy into your home. Shawn makes puppy ownership a joy by teaching you, as well as your new puppy, how to act by incorporating proper responses to everyday situations. His methods include:

  • House Training
  • Crate Training
  • Confidence Building
  • Proper Diet for Food & Rewards
  • Toy Selection
  • Proper Play Methods
  • Puppy Problem Solving

Private & Family Sessions in Your Home

Training in the home has the greatest effect on your dog's in-home behavior. Whether your home is in NYC or a quiet cul-de-sac in the suburbs, Shawn will teach you and your dog in a comfortable learning environment with little distraction. He strives to incorporate all members of the family to provide more consistency for your dog. After he has achieved the desired results in your home, he'll take a field trip to a high-distraction area, allowing your dog to experience training in a diversity of environments.

Aggression Management

Aggression has many sources that must all be looked at and taken into consideration. Finding the source and addressing the issues rather than making excuses will help to manage and possibly even stop certain types of aggression. Shawn provides you with safe handling, effective training/behavioral methods, and—most importantly—the truth. He uses a step-wise program to evaluate, modify behavior, and leash train aggressive dogs with an end goal of stability under high-stress situations.

Boarding Training

Boarding training will be considered for current clients in certain situations. Shawn can also provide you with referrals for boarding training.

Protection Training & Service Dogs

If you have a specific need for a protection-trained dog, contact Shawn to discuss the best option. This is an important decision, and Shawn recommends taking the time to consult with him first to ensure you receive a dog that succeeds when they're needed the most. He has many contacts within the law enforcement and private security industries, meaning he has many sources to choose from when selecting a protection dog that works for you. Please check in for available puppies as well as trained dogs that are available to select homes. He promises the highest level of discretion to ensure your privacy.

K9, Protection, & Guard Dog Training

Your dog can be your best friend as well as a partner who keeps you safe. Shawn Stewart provides both homeowners and law enforcement with a full-service dog training experience. With years of current and continual training as a bite specialist, Shawn will be a valuable asset to the training program in your home, business, or agency. Contact him today for further information regarding your specific needs, whether you need a loyal family protector or a new K9 partner!

Years of Professional Experience

Shawn Stewart has trained under some of the most experienced dog trainers in the industry. To stay current with important specialty skills, he continues to regularly train with the best professionals in the working, police, and protection dog industries on the east coast. He has the skills to take on home guard dog training as well as police K9 dog training applications. Shawn even has multiple contacts within the police and service dog community.

What Can Shawn Do for You?

For the Home & Business Client:

  • Bite & Protection Training and/or Maintenance
  • Private, In-Home Guard Dog Training for the Family Dog
  • Complete Discretion—Your Privacy Is Guaranteed
  • For Sale: Puppies from Our Own European Lines to Approved Households
  • For Sale: Trained Adult Protection Dogs

For the Law Enforcement Police K9 Community:

  • Problem Solving & Bite Work within Criminal Apprehension Scenarios
  • Bite Helper/Decoy Work Using a Helper with Experience
  • 10+ Years of Federal Law Enforcement Experience (Sgt. Military Police 95–05)
  • Knowledgeable, Instinct-Based Drive Training for Working K9 Dogs
  • Discrete One-on-One Training Sessions for New Handlers & Bite Helpers
  • Many Other Resources Available for Puppies & Green Adult Dogs
Shawn Standing with Dog